Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another redneck moment...

If I've learned anything since becoming a parent, it's that you have to be flexible and at times, need to improvise. That lesson was never more prevalent than on Easter Sunday. Kevin and I had separate vehicles at dinner and he left a little earlier than Lindsay and I. Just before Kevin left, I changed Lindsay's diaper and put the bag back in Kevin's car. When he left, so did the diaper bag. And sure enough, Lindsay destroyed her diaper about 10 minutes later.

We were at my cousin Laura's house and being a kid-free environment, there weren't any diapers on the premises. We tried stuffing Lindsay's pants with paper towel, but that wasn't working so great. But then Laura came up with a genius idea.....a maxi-pad. Of course, that would never work for an extended period of time, but for a 45-minute trip home, it might suffice.

So we rigged it up:

Wouldn't you know it if it didn't work? We put in the maxi-pad, threw down some paper towel in her car seat just in case and hit the road. When we got home, no messes!

I can't say I'm surprised that it was another Pfeifer that was my partner in crime for this redneck-esque act, but I realized that redneck or not, improvisation can be added to my list of skills.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A face only a parent could love

We've spent the last 6 days basically quarantined inside our house with a sick child. And not just sick...vomiting and pooping kind of sick. After 2 days of it, our house smelled somewhere between a port-a-potty and the bucket next to hot-dog eating contest. Absolutely disgusting. Hope you enjoy that mental inhale. Thank goodness for the last couple of nice days so we could air this place out.

But now it seems we've turned the corner to just a cold. That is, if you can consider this just a cold:

In case you can't quite see it well enough, that is a layer of snot flowing out of her nose. That is what she looks like every single time I turn around it seems.

I do have to say that at least while we are home, it may be disgusting, but it isn't a pain in the butt. The other day I was driving her to daycare and she sneezed really hard. When I turn around, it's all over her face. Turn around 10 seconds later and she's wiping that stuff all over her face and into her mouth. Phenomenal. I honestly never thought I'd pull a car over for snot, but I couldn't have her eating the equivalent of a Playdoh container full of snot in one sitting. At least spread that out over a few days.

Even better is the paste that this stuff leaves on her face when she wakes up in the morning. I honestly feel like I need nail polish remover to get that stuff off. Lindsay cries and whines when I'm trying to clean it off and I can't say I blame her. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't enjoy a chisel and sandpaper to my face every morning.

So what I'm saying is, thank goodness spring is here. Because after the last few weeks of sickness, I'd been thinking about taking the best offer for her. Kevin's really had an eye on a projector television for the basement....and I can't deny it would be pretty sweet to watch full-size Kardashians on rerun.

Coming soon... a blog near you. A blogger who updates her blog.

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