Saturday, March 3, 2012


Hearing Lindsay's language expand is one of the great joys of parenthood. It seems everyday there is a new word or phrase she learns and she's getting pretty good at putting sentences together in a decipherable manner. However, there are still some gaps and sometimes it makes for interesting conversation.

Lindsay (as she was getting buckled into her car seat): The buckle is in my butt!
Me: No, it isn't in your butt, it's by your butt.
Lindsay: No! It's in my butt!
Me: No, no. It's just by your butt. Nothing is actually in your butt.
Lindsay: There's poop in my butt.
Me: True.
Lindsay: The buckle is in my butt too.

I give up. She doesn't need to know all the prepositions quite yet. And I don't feel like explaining right now that objects shouldn't be in your butt. Another conversation for another day, I guess. I just hope I don't find her trying to put a buckle in one of the dog's butts.

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