Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Parental failings...

Worst mom of the year award goes to me. I didn't make sure Lindsay got a picture with Santa Clause and I didn't even get a picture of her with Daddy and I on Christmas! And don't even talk to me about whether I got a picture of her in her Christmas dress...that would be another no.

Really, Mary? You carry that damn camera around with you 24/7 and you can't even get the simplest of shots? I may as well pack it it quits. Don't worry, Lindsay, I'll have 8 million pictures of you looking like Yoda with the dogs licking your face, but not a single shot of your high school graduation.

Case in point -- here's an example of 2 pictures we took on Christmas Eve: funny, right! She's boozing and playing's like we are in Vegas! Aunt Vawnita even said she's "getting a reputation." Looks like our master plan is working!

And then you get home and look through the camera and realize that you didn't get a single normal Christmas shot of your beautiful little girl that you can actually use to show the child protection workers that she isn't actually being fed booze and cigarettes.

But alas...she's never going to know because we are going to recreate the scene on New Year's Eve. Same dress and hopefully our friends still have some Christmas decorations up so we can throw her in front of them, take a picture and forever pretend it was the real thing!

I guess that will make us liars....yet another thing we've failed at. ;)

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