Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Hour

In the not-so-distant past (although it feels like a lifetime ago), happy hour meant heading to the bar for a couple cocktails and appetizers with friends after work. And if things got really crazy, maybe some karaoke and dancing before heading home.

During the rush of our evenings, I think back fondly on the days when I could decide last minute that Kevin and I needed drinks instead of heading straight home. But, while cooking supper the other night, it struck me that maybe that first hour or two after work isn't quite as different as I've come to think it was.

Sure, there aren't buffalo wings or cheese curds, but I often get fruit snacks or an apple. Not as good, but a hell of a lot healthier.  And there certainly aren't 2-for-1's, but let's be honest, wine is often involved. And my friends are never involved, but my 3 favorite people are always there.

So you know what? It really still is Happy Hour. The scenery and the characters are different, but it's still pretty damn fun. And you know what? Sometimes things get really crazy and we end up with some some dancing too.


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