Sunday, June 10, 2012


Occassionally, Lindsay is a really good helper. For instance, last weekend Kevin was building a fence and she sat next to him and handed him screws. When she's helping out, it makes us want to have dozens of kids so they can just do everything for us.

But most of the time, she's the opposite of helpful. As in, I'd rather just do it myself than even ask her to help. But, as any parent can attest, you really have to teach them how to do some things so they learn how to be helpful. It is excruciating though. She has a million books and about every 4th day, they've all made their way out of the bookcase onto her floor. Normally I've just picked them up for her, but last week I decided that it could be her job to pick those up.

Her initial reaction was running to the kitchen to hide behind the doors of the Lazy Susan. Apparently she thinks we can't see her.

She then proceeded to take approximately 30 minutes to pick up the books. During which time my internal temperature reached a boiling point and I almost put her in timeout at least 8 times.

I know at some point this pays off, but rest assured that teaching her how to help is not easy and not worth the return. So it appears we probably won't have dozens of case you were still wondering.

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