Monday, February 8, 2010

The Many Faces of the Baby

Getting a good picture of Lindsay has proven to take a minor miracle. The kid literally smiles non-stop, but you pull out the camera and she freezes up. Based on the early results, I don't see the second coming of Heidi Klum in this one. Adorable as she is, I fear modeling and acting may be something we already have to cross off the list.

Here's a sampling of a photo shoot we went through the other night. Her and I were sitting in the chair and she was being hilarious as usual...until the camera light went on. You will see I did eventually get the shot I was hoping for, but it was about a dozen pictures in. All I can say is god bless the invention of the digital camera. Otherwise I would need to take out a second mortgage to develop film.

I promise I didn't even feed her any booze before these...she just has a natural inebriated look to her a lot of the time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I don't advise "googling" the above word, but that is the only word I can use to describe the stage Lindsay is in right now. She grabs absolutely everything in reach...sometimes creating a lot of pain for the person within arms reach. Her little razorblade fingernails dig into your skin and feel like papercuts. It's the least cute thing she does. Don't get me wrong, she starts out cute....

...but check out that look in her eye. Ten seconds later she pulled his beard and scratched his face. She's sneaky abusive.And don't even get me started on eating. After being the best eater ever, now the spoon is just another toy to grab at. We used to be able to get through dinner without even putting a bib on her. But take a look at dinner from one night last week.

Take a close note of the food that is above and off to the side of her eye...we are talking some serious flinging here. And if you think that looks messy, you should see the floor, table and walls. You'd think Pollack was painting in our kitchen.

The worst part of the grabbiness is the fact that it isn't limited to when she is sitting safe and sound...she is now insistent on grabbing everything around her on the changing table too. If you look close, you'll see our new "safety first" method of changing her. I guarantee she's taking a header off that table at some point though...her little booty dances fling her all over the place.

But at least she's proud of herself after she gets ahold of the item she's reaching for...
The one thing we did learn about her new skill is that she likely would be better at grabbing fumbles than the Vikings...look at the focus on the ball. AP, come over to our house and she'll give you a lesson on holding onto things.

Of course, the above evening ended up in severe disappointment. In hindsight, I should've done what Lindsay did with about 4 minutes left in the game. I could've avoided a lot of heartbreak. She's apparently already learned that nothing good can happen when the ball is in Brett Favre's hands with the game on the line. Guess she's smarter than the rest of us fools.

As you can imagine, the mood around our house has been somber this week. Even the dog's are feeling it.

Until next time, rest those weary eyes.


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