Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Power of Band-Aids

Lindsay is WAY into dresses. She'd wear one everyday if we'd let her. And frankly, if not for rainy or chilly days and my laziness in doing laundry, we'd probably let her. The problem with dresses, however, is that they leave a good portion of a clumsy toddler's skin exposed when they inevitably go tumbling across the ground 20 times a day.

Of course, not all of these tumbles happen on grass or soft ground. So yesterday, walking through the Target parking lot, Lindsay took a tumble and scraped her knee pretty good. We got through the crying and tears and went into the store. While shopping, I noticed some blood on Lindsay's knee, so we walked over to the Band-Aid aisle (or adhesive strip aisle for you anti-corporation folks)...because really, you can never have too many Band-Aids available.

As soon Lindsay realized what we were looking at, her "injured" leg stopped working. She could no longer walk. Amazing timing on those delayed symptoms. So she picked a box of Tinkerbell Band-Aids and we decided to use one right there in the store. Amazingly, she could once again walk, so we were able to finish our shopping.

So last night we were doing some yard work (meanwhile, Lindsay was sitting on a rock "waiting for some wind so she could fly a kite") when I decided to check her wound and give her some fresh dressing. As soon as I removed the old Band-Aid, she predictably could no longer walk. The limp she used to get back inside the house would've made any personal injury lawyer proud (assuming Target is clearly at fault for negligently having the audacity to pave their parking lot). Again, as soon as we put a new Tinkerbell Band-Aid on the wound, she was good to go.

We have a strict "no-blood, no-Band-Aid" rule in our house. But after seeing the magic powers, we may have to change that. Although maybe it was just the fairy dust?


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