Monday, November 30, 2009

Eye of the tiger....'s the thrill of the fight!

So today our resident punk got into her first daycare scrap. And based on the retelling of the story, not only did our baby girl not cry afterwards, she yelled at the bully and did a little fist-swinging of her own.

I have to say, I'm not surprised. Lindsay has showed the tendencies of being a little like Muhammad Ali since she was born...the kid's fists are ALWAYS clenched. I guarantee she'll never be caught offguard.

And she also has some pretty impressive escapability skills.

With all that hard work, she also often cashes out like she's just been in a championship fight.

In the interest of full disclosure, she didn't actually get popped by a kid at daycare...the poor guy just tripped on his blanket and fell into her. But apparently she actually didn't cry...just yelled in the little boy's ear until he got back up. That's my tough cookie.

I'll leave you with the best moment of my birthday...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love is in the air...

I'm clearly not cut out for this parenting stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love it. However, this kid just keeps growing up too fast! Everyday seems like something new and it becomes this constant reminder of how she'll basically be graduating tomorrow.

Since we last chatted, she's become a little more mobile. I guess I should say she's taken her first step towards can't really be more mobile if you weren't in the first place, I suppose. Anyway, she has learned how to roll from her stomach to her back! Of course, she first pulled off this major feat while neither mom and dad were in the room...which means the rest of her evening turned into a game of "keep her on her stomach until we see her roll over" which went a little something like this:
Mary: "Come on honey! You can do it!"
Kevin: "Who's a big girl?"
Mary: "Just tuck that arm...ah...yeah...ah..."
Kevin: "Almost! Just roll!"

Eventually she pulled it off and we all cheered, which scared her and she started screaming. We really are pros.

The next day was her first Halloween party/birthday party. We were back in WC for cousin Kyle's 1st birthday party and Lindsay was excited to celebrate with a cow and a cowboy...dressed as an apparently very French pumpkin ("Ah, oui oui"):

She's also now discovering her hands and mouth...often choosing to use them together, which has created a never-ending stream of drool:

Next on the list of newfound skills is her first bowl of cereal! Our first night of rice cereal was quite the production...and in all honesty, a week into it, it isn't much better yet.

Watching her try to suck on the spoon like it is a bottle is pretty funny. What isn't as funny is watching her spit out pretty much all the cereal that has already been in her mouth. Maybe she isn't so grow up afterall?

Maybe the the most grown-up thing she's done so far is her first date. I know...I'm as surprised as you....I thought this day was a long, long time away too. But luckily she was fine with allowing me to supervise. Her and the young man decided to hang at home and catch the newest episode of Dora with some Teddy Grahams and milk...pretty smooth first date if you ask me. I wasn't all that impressed with them insisting on sharing a chair and the young man showing up in his pajamas, but I made sure they maintained a safe distance between each other. No hanky panky on my watch.

Not sure of the status of the relationship as they haven't had a second date yet, but I must say I'm kind of pulling for the kid since he helped me with some chores before heading home for the evening. Your move, Evan...your move.


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