Friday, November 18, 2011

The power of math?

Three months ago, I had no idea what/who Team Umizoomi was. Never heard of them. But suddenly, Lindsay was constantly asking for them. So, we built up our Tivo library of Team Umizoomi episodes and the rest is history. Lindsay is OBSESSED!

For that that don't know who Team Umizoomi is, they are miniature trio of problem-solvers who use their "Mighty Math Powers" to solve the "problems" of the citizens of UmiCity, who all live in a town paved with origami. read that right. Between you and me, the "problems" they solve are more like annoying sidenotes in an adult's day than they are real problems, but I suppose to toddlers a parent being stuck in traffic with the cake for their birthday party is a real serious problem. Here's a picture of them for those that haven't seen them before (that's Milli, Geo and Bot for those keeping track at home).

Anyway, Lindsay is obsessed. I'm not exaggerating even the slightest when I say she asks to watch Team Umizoomi before she even opens her eyes in the morning. No "good morning" or "I love you"'s "I wanna watch Team Umizoomi" and then she gets off her bed and groggily stumbles to the living room.

Her obsession reached a point of no return the other day. We've been trying potty train her for the last week or so. About three days in she is sitting on the potty chair and she looks up in the air and says, "Need help Team Umizoomi!" (That's what the "Umi Friends" say after explaining their problem to the trio.)

I almost fell over laughing. She was asking Team Umizoomi for help to go potty in the potty chair. However, I tried to keep my composure to see what would be next. She just stared into the air, apparently waiting for Team Umizoomi to appear in the bathroom. After about 30 seconds of staring into the air she looks back at me and says, "Team Umizoomi not coming" in the saddest, most dejected little voice you can imagine. (Those are the breaks, kiddo.)

So apparently Team Umizoomi can't solve potty training problems with their Mighty Math Powers....which is disheartening on some level because I consider it an actual problem. Or maybe they can because she did go potty before getting off the chair.


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