Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's a girl!

No, I didn't birth another child. Nor am I breaking any news about adding to our family. This is just a simple reminder that Lindsay is indeed a girl. Maybe you didn't need the reminder. But I'm not just talking any girl....I'm talking GIRLY GIRL. Since most of my readers have probably met me, you also probably don't need to be told that the phrase "girly girl" most likely has never been used to describe me. Don't get me wrong...I expected some of this.

For instance, I kind of expected her to really like the color pink. After all, most people buy little girls pink clothes. Here's the outfit she chose to garden and help Daddy put up a fence in (pay particular attention to the gold-sequined flats with the bow on them):


I also kind of expected her to be into princess stuff, well, because a lot of people also buy princess books, toys, clothes, etc. And yes, she does love princesses:


And you know, I sort of even expected her to be into dresses even though she will rarely see her mommy in one, because again, people love giving little girls dresses....and I must admit there is something damn cute about a little girl in a tiny, little dress. Well, you guessed it....she loves dresses and when she's going out, she wants to put one on. Here's her "party dress". Appropriately named because she wore it for her 3rd birthday party:

Once again, check.

But one thing I didn't see coming was a declaration she made a couple weeks ago. Daddy had to work, so her and I drove to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings preseason game against the Chargers. No one that has met us would be surprised to know that we've trained her to know the names and numbers of some of the players on our favorite teams. She will happily declare that "Joe plays baseball! He wears a 7!" or "Kobe wears a 2 and 4 and plays basketball with Mommy!" (I haven't corrected her on the latter.)

Anyway, we got to our seats and I said, "Who are we here to watch?" The answer, of course, is supposed to "CHRISTIAN! He wears a 7!" Instead, her answer was, "The cheerleaders!" *ERRRRRRRRRR* (That's supposed to be a record scratching....which is what I heard in my mind.) Either this girly girl thing is getting out of hand, or she's been hanging out with her Uncle Richard too much.

I tried to explain to her that no, we didn't drive to downtown Minneapolis, pay for parking and buy a beer (for me) and some popcorn (for her) to watch the cheerleaders. We came to watch Christian....and AP....and Jared....and Percy. But she was having none of it. In fact, when the cheerleaders came out for their between-quarters routine, she said, "When I grow bigger and bigger, I'm going to be a cheerleader!" And wouldn't you know it? The next day she found a couple pom-poms in her toy box and has been carrying them around ever since. I guess she might make a cute cheerleader...

This whole girly girl thing will take getting used to, but if she goes the cheerleading route, I can get on board. But Lord help us all if she wants to be involved in pageants. THAT is something I'd have to consider trading her in for.


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