Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who needs toys?

Kids get a lot of toys. I mean, A LOT of toys. We've hardly purchased any toys ourselves, yet she has a toy box full, a bin in the living room full and numerous "big ticket" toys that take up half our living room. One would think with all those toys, our little child would never be bored with the colors, noises, textures, etc. Yet every time I look her way, she isn't carrying a toy in hands...instead she has yet another object in her mouth. You name the item and she has played with it despite being told no.

Computer and computer cord? Check.

Dog bowl? Check.

Empty pop bottle? Check.

Of course, these are just a sampling of the non-toys she insists on playing with. I've walked in with her chewing on rawhides (who knew they were for kids too?), pens, shampoo bottles, digging in the bathroom garbage, carrying our shoes and slippers, darting for our adult beverages and dragging around folded laundry (well, folded before she got ahold of it).

But the other day I learned the importance of getting my groceries put away immediately. After a trip to Target, I came home and set the bags on the floor so I could get dinner started and change out of my work clothes. After what amounted to about 90 seconds out of the room, I came back to this:

She managed to find the box, open it up and pull out a tampon. Simply amazing. If I had asked Kevin to get one out of the box for me, there's no way he could've had it done in 90 seconds. I guess I now know who to go on those tampon runs for me. Guess that "birds and the bees" talk may have to come quite a bit earlier than expected.

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